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How to make delicious pasta

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Fix the machine onto the table with the clamp provided and insert the handle into the roller hole (Fig. 1).

When using the machine for the first time, clean it with a dry cloth to remove any excess oil. To clean the rollers, pass a small quantity of dough through them and then throw the dough away.


Serves 6 people

Ingredients: 500 g (〜1 lb.) soft wheat flour and 5 eggs; instead of using 5 eggs you can use a glass of natural mineral water. For "al dente" pasta, mix 250 g of soft wheat flour with 250 g of durum wheat flour. Do not add any salt!

Pour the flour into a bowl and the eggs into the middle of the flour (Fig. 2). Mix the eggs with a fork until they are completely blended with the flour. Knead the mixture with your hands (Fig. 3) until it is completely homogenous and consistent. 

If the mixture is too dry add some water, if it is too soft add some flour. A good mixture should never stick to your fingers. Remove the mixture from the bowl and place it onto a lightly floured table (Fig. 4). If necessary, continue to knead the mixture and cut it into small pieces (Fig. 5).

Advice: do not use eggs straight from the fridge!


Set the machine regulator to position 1, pulling it outwards and turning it so that the two smooth rollers are completely open (approx. 3 mm) (Fig. 6). Pass a piece of mixture through the machine turning the handle (Fig. 7). 

Repeat this operation 5 - 6 times, folding the dough over and adding some flour to the middle if necessary. (Fig. 8). 

When the dough has taken a regular shape, pass it through the rollers once only with the regulators set on number 2 (Fig. 9), then once again on number 3 continuing until you obtain the desired thickness (min. thickness at no. 9 approx. 0.2 mm). 

With a knife, cut the dough crossways in pieces approximately 25 cm (10 inches) long. Insert the handle in the hole for the cutting rollers, turn it slowly and pass the dough through so as to obtain the type of pasta you prefer (Fig. 10 and 11). 

Note 1 - If the rollers won't ^cut', this means the dough is too soft: in this case you should pass the dough through the smooth rollers, after adding some flour to the mixture. 

Note 2 - However when the dough is to dry and cannot be 'caught' by the cutting rollers, add a little water to the mixture and pass it through the smooth rollers once again. Place                   the pasta on a table-cloth and leave it to dry for at least an hour. 

Remember that pasta can last a long time (1-2 weeks) if kept in a cool dry place. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil (4 liters per 1/2 kg of pasta) to which you will add the pasta. Fresh pasta cooks in just a few minutes, averaging 2 - 5 minutes, depending on the thickness. Stir gently and then drain the pasta once it has finished cooking.


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