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Shule Company successfully passed the BSCI audit

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Warmly celebrate the smooth review of our company's BSCI factory and score 2 points. This also marks that our company will assume the social responsibility of the factory with a responsible factory, and also means that our company's products will be able to enter some international large group supermarkets smoothly.

Introduction to BSCI

The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a universal monitoring system for social compliance in European society. It aims to continuously improve the members' global presence.

Social responsibility performance of production and supply facilities everywhere. Most of the members of BSCI come from the retail industry, but it is also open to manufacturers and importers. Through each review, the supplier's professional preparation and qualification performance have been greatly improved. The goal of this standard action is to actively raise social standards through the effective assistance of retailers and expert service providers.

BSCI is suitable for producers and supplier suppliers in all industries exporting to the European market to gradually improve the performance of social responsibility, avoid the crisis of resistance, meet the needs of existing and future markets and legal requirements. Suppliers must ensure that all subcontractors involved in the production process on behalf of BSCI members up to the final production stage are in compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct. Once a violation of the Code of Conduct is identified, BSCI members will immediately consult with the relevant supplier and if there is no suitable and agreed solution at the appropriate time and can be implemented, this can be a reasonable justification for terminating further business dealings.

Benefits of BSCI

The results of the BSCI audit will be recognized and accepted by all BSCI members. The BSCI-certified factory can exempt the COC audit of its members to reduce the audit burden of suppliers, save time and cost, increase the production capacity of the factory, and enhance the production capacity in Europe. Market Competitiveness.

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