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Shule Kitchenware participated in the closing ceremony of the Sixth Member Congress of Jiangsu Light Industry Association

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On July 11, 2019, under the solidarity of all members and Nanjing Industrial Vocational and Technical College, the Jiangsu Light Industry Association held its sixth member congress in Nanjing under the coordinated support of the provincial light industry colleagues. . The conference brought together nearly 200 member representatives from the province's light industry, successfully completed the election of the sixth council of the association, the head of the council, and the second board of supervisors, and reviewed and approved the association's articles of association and related matters. Opened a new chapter in the work of the association.


From 1979 to 2019, across the 40th spring and autumn, the Jiangsu Light Industry Association ushered in the spring and rain of reform and opening up, and adhered to the concept of “serving for economic construction, serving the development of the industry, serving member companies”, accompanied by Jiangsu. The province's light industry has continued to grow and continue to grow. It started with the former Jiangsu Provincial Light Industry Department. After the development of the Fifth Council, the Provincial Light Industry Association has been active in the economic construction and light industry industry in Jiangsu.

At the meeting, the delegates elected a sixth council composed of 57 directors and a second supervisory committee composed of three supervisors by secret ballot. At the first meeting of the Sixth Council of the Association, the executive director, the secretary-general, the deputy director and the chairman of the board were elected.


The victory of the Sixth Member Congress of Jiangsu Light Industry Association marked that the Jiangsu Light Industry Association will be under the correct leadership of the Jiangsu Provincial Association for Science and Technology, under the leadership of the new Board of Directors, with all members, not forgetting At the beginning, keep in mind the mission, further unite and unite the resources and advantages of all parties in the province's light industry, work together, work together, and create a broader academic exchange platform and technology for the members of the association and the science and technology workers in the province. Tiandi will surely build the association into a nutritional supply station for the vast number of scientific and technological talents and a powerful transformation of the incubator, and become a more warm and energetic home of science and technology workers and members! We will certainly be able to contribute wisdom and strength to the construction of a “strong, rich and beautiful” new Jiangsu with a more energetic and energetic state!


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