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The weather is very hot and cool.

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       The temperature has increased sharply since entering June, and the hot weather has brought severe challenges to first-line production. Our Shule Company has taken a number of measures to actively respond to ensure the physical and mental health of the frontline employees and ensure that the customer's orders are completed on time and in good quality. The main tasks that our company has done are: First, adjust the working hours of the staff. Our company has now stretched the noon break, so that employees can have enough rest time, so that they can rejuvenate into the afternoon work; second, timely cooling equipment. Since entering the summer, our company has purchased a large number of large-scale industrial fans, which has greatly improved the working environment of front-line employees. Third, we have issued a variety of summer supplies. Our company has issued heatstroke prevention products such as towels, toilet water, and cool oil to keep employees cool and cool. Fourth, a certain amount of cooling fee is allocated every month. The cost can be purchased from the workshop to purchase cool food such as popsicles and beverages. Now the enthusiasm of our company's employees is not diminished, and the workshops are still busy and harmonious production scenes.

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